Not Stupid Questions, Chapter 3

As the Front Desk Guru, I'm always getting come crazy questions about tanning and spa services. I love that our clients ask questions so we can spread our knowledge. The more you know, the more you grow!

Here are a couple of interesting questions I've been asked this week, in Chapter One of "Not Stupid Questions" with Christine.

"Can you hook me up with some free tans?"

Sure! There 4 ways that you can currently earn free tans at Blue Dove. 1) We currently have our Thirsty Skin Thursday promotion. On Thursdays purchase a tanning lotion or any other products worth just $7 or more and you can tan free in a level 1-4 bed.

2) Join our text club to receive a free tan. Sign up by texting the word " bluedove " to 36000 and you will get a text coupon for a free level 1-4 tan. Hurry, it expires shortly after signup!

3) We currently have a Sunday Funday promotion. On Sundays if you purchase $50 or more in product you will receive 5 free level 4 tans that never expire.

4) Make friends with one of our premium members! If you know someone who has a level 4 or a High Pressure membership at Blue Dove, they get to bring a friend free every Sunday!

"I bought this really good tanning lotion, but I'm only tan for like one day after I use it. How can I get a darker tan?" I love this client. She is a smart lady who needed a little extra tanning knowledge. She had purchased a really good, $99 tanning lotion at Blue Dove. She had a level 4 package and wasn't achieving the dark tan she wanted. I looked at her tanning history and easily pinpointed her problem. She had only been in to tan 4 times in the last 30 days! 4 times in 30 days isn't enough tanning to keep up with the skin's natural exfoliation process. While some skin types only need 1-2 tans per week, most people need to go every day or every other day to maintain a beautiful glow. Another reason she wasn't able to hold her color as long as she would have liked was that she was using a loofah and scrubbing wash while in the shower. She was essentially scrubbing away her tan every day. To maintain your tan longer, exfoliate less after your tan and moisturize more! She's now coming every couple days and maintaining a beautiful glow! "I'm a big, beautiful woman and want to get a gorgeous tan. How curvy is too curvy for your tanning beds?" The weight limit on the Magic 636 High Pressure beds is 300 pounds.

The Mystic HD spray tan is a private booth that has no weight limit and will give you a gorgeous glow, too! If you are close to the weight limit on the high pressure or level 4 beds, you can help us avoid any getting any cracks in the acrylics by distributing your weight evenly when getting into and out of the beds and by not sitting on the edge. We can't wait to tan you, beautiful!

"Tanning lotions. Some are indoor, some are outdoor and some are both. What?!?!" Outdoor lotions cannot be used in tanning beds. They will damage our acrylics, even after one use. And yes, we can tell when you used an outdoor lotion in a tanning bed. We can immediately notice that your outdoor lotion created a cloudy/damaged area. Please, only use a tanning lotion sold by an indoor tanning salon.

Indoor lotions can be used outside, however you need to use extreme caution. Indoor lotions often have UV "maximizing" properties. You are extremely like to burn in the sun, not necessarily tan, when using indoor lotions in an uncontrolled environment. It is widely considered unsafe tanning to use indoor tanning lotions while outside in the sun.

Be safe and be informed. See you soon! Christine

Do you have a question that you want featured on "Not Stupid Questions"? Post below or send me an email at

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