Not Stupid Questions, Chapter 2

As the Front Desk Guru, I'm always getting come crazy questions about tanning and spa services. I love that our clients ask questions so we can spread our knowledge. The more you know, the more you grow!

Here are a couple of interesting questions I've been asked this week, in Chapter One of "Not Stupid Questions" with Christine.

"Why do my friend and I have the same tanning routine but she is way darker than I am?" #ThrowinDarkShade There are so many factors! Ask me for a free consultation on how to darken your tan. In the meantime, know your skin type & follow these tips:

1) Use a quality, fresh tanning lotion. Never buy tanning lotions online or anywhere else besides a tanning salon. See my previous blog about diverted tanning lotions here.

2) Come to tan with fresh, clean skin. Do not put on any lotions, deodorant or makeup, which can lessen penetration of the UV rays.

3) Know your skin type, which tells you your ABILITY to tan and to hold a tan, when compared to others.

4) Shower, shave and exfoliate a minimal amount of times to help lengthen your tan.

5) Once a week, upgrade to our Magic 636 High Pressure bed in Racine to maintain a longer and deeper tan.

"My friend's uncle's cousin's girlfriend had an orange spray tan once. Won't your Mystic HD spray tan booth do the same?" The Mystic HD spray tan system is completely different than other. You get a fresh cartridge in light, medium or dark. We check its expiration date. Other tanning booths just use the same sometimes old (orange hued) solution, and will spray you MORE times with that solution to get a supposed "dark" color. Our cartridges are programmed to give you a dark tan with just ONE layer of spray. Remember to use the PH Balancer/Accelerator Myxer for the most natural results. Once you see how natural you look with just the cartridge and a PH Balancer you can experiment with single and triple strength bronzers in 4 different tones! Don't forget to add in one of twelve aromatherapy scents.

"What do I wear when I get a massage? Are you making me go commando?" You wear whatever you want! We tell our clients to undress to their comfort level. Most people get completely undressed or leave on their underwear. It doesn't matter to the massage therapists, as long as you are comfortable. You are always draped/covered in all areas of modestly (areas covered by a bathing suit). Our therapists are trained to help first time massage clients feel comfortable. Because, well, the goal of massage is relaxation!

"Why does it take you so long to clean a tanning bed? When I go to the gym it takes me like 5 seconds to wipe the bed down. What the heck are Blue Dove employees doing in there?!" You don't want the flu, do you? We are killin' Ebola. And the flu. It takes a full 60 seconds of sanitizer resting on all surfaces to kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungus, and viruses. We also organize the room and check to make sure that anything left behind gets returned to its rightful owner. When you go to a gym and use their equipment, it is highly likely that it's crawling with the sickness, skin cells and germs of a previous user, whether it's a tanning bed or a treadmill. Yuck! NEVER settle for anything but the CLEANEST! Remember - it takes 60 seconds of sanitizer sitting on a surface to kill surface germs with hospital grade sanitizer!

"Why did you extend your hours? Do people really come to Blue Dove at 9pm?" Heck yeah! Our awesome clients are lined up at 8am and spa clients and tanners do not stop coming until 9pm. Our "extremely busy season" is February through June. Clients are redeeming their gift cards, preparing for vacations, graduations, events and for the summer sun. We extend our hours during this time so that we can accommodate more clients, therefore making sure that your wait times are minimal to none and that we have plenty of Aesthetician and Massage Therapist availability. Be safe and be informed. See you soon! Christine

Do you have a question that you want featured on "Not Stupid Questions"? Post below or send me an email at

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