My-Oh What?!

Our Relaxation Coordinator Amber took a call yesterday from a client who was asking if any of the 4 Blue Dove Massage Therapists perform Myofascial Massage. The answer is YESSSS! We LOVE performing Myofascial Release Massage! ( psst... it's pronounced my-oh-FAH-shul )

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massages loosen and relax muscles by applying pressure and gently manipulating them.

Myofascial Release Massage (MRM) takes it one step further. MRM operates on the idea that you store stress and tension in your muscles and your connective tissue. This causes you to become stiff and locked, which results in discomfort, or even pain, in your every day life. MRM seeks to unlock this discomfort through stretching of the connective tissue.

People with fibromyalgia, back pain and other health issues are often sent to MRM therapists by their doctors. MRM is often prescribed as part of a pain management program, as clients often feel less daily discomfort after engaging in it. This therapy has also been used to treat pains of a different kind, including those associated with chronic fatigue, severe tension and anxiety.

All four of our highly trained Licensed Massage Therapists are well versed in Myofascial Release Massage and would love to help you. There is no additional fee for MRM at Blue Dove. You just pay our 20, 60, 90 or 120 minute rates. Just let your therapist know that you would specifically like Myofascial work done when you complete your intake.

Fibro and Chronic Pain - you've met your match! -The Blue Dove Massage Therapists

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