Tanning Lotion Truth Bomb

Overuse of product is one of the most common mistakes a tanning client makes. This can lead to clients wanting to purchase the very cheap products or diverted (unauthentic/promised authentic products) products to keep their costs down. Before I talk about overuse, I want to address the tanning lotions being sold on Amazon or Ebay. One study that tested product integrity cited that 96% of products they randomly purchased on the internet were not 100% authentic or were old, expired or contaminated. What you are purchasing online may appear to be the same thing that you get at the tanning salon, but most of these bottles are "dumpster dives". Yup, it is what it sounds like. We have people who go through our garbage's after we close, open the garbage bags and remove the tossed out tanning lotion bottles. Online sellers refill old bottles with cheap lotions such as Jergens, sometimes throwing in a quarter mix of tanning lotion or retail bronzer so you don't suspect anything, and then sell them as NEW and GENUINE on the internet. Never buy from anywhere except a trusted tanning salon which has non-expired, properly stored and 100% genuinely manufactured product. Your skin doesn't need to take the risk! I'm often asked "Why is there such a variance in the costs of tanning lotions you carry?" It's all in the ingredients, and yes, you get what you pay for! The cheaper lotions require you to slather on more of it to get even mediocre results. They also do not absorb well and therefore you buy more of the lotion in the long run. I always tell my clients to try the top shelf lotions when they have hit a plateau, and they always see a huge difference. The more expensive lotions are usually silicone based, which means they spread more easily and you need only a very thin coat to achieve the desired results. With top shelf lotions you should be sure to dab the lotion on your skin and spread it around sparingly. It should absorb completely and not leave a layer on your skin. If you can see a layer on your skin or if you are leaving goop behind on your tanning bed, you're using too much lotion, not rubbing it in enough or it's low quality or diverted lotion. Some of our top shelf lotions are available in $3-$5 sample cups. Ask to try a sample cup today (remember to use sparingly - more lotion doesn't give you a better tan) and see the difference yourself! Send me an email or comment below if I can help you with any lotion questions. I LOVE talking about lotions and would love to help you find something perfect for you and your tan! Christine christine@bluedovespas.com

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