Scrubs = Pure Bliss!

When we started advertising our June spa promo ($20 off a salt or sugar scrub body treatment), I quickly realized that I had never received a body scrub. I immediately used our online scheduling system to schedule it while sitting on the sofa watching Game of Thrones. There was an opening the next day - sweet!

On the day of my body scrub I dressed in my comfy go-to outfit, my favorite yoga pants and tank, knowing that I would be a relaxed hot mess walking out. Jasmine was my therapist and greeted me with a smile and a HUGE array of scrubs to choose from. After having a short internal monologue with myself on whether I would prefer the Lemonade Mint or the Coconut Lime salt scrub, Coconut Lime won and went right into the warmer so it would be warm and ready to apply when I got onto the table.

Jasmine then guided me to the Ivy Room (my favorite room there!) where I undressed and hopped onto the huge, plush, heated massage table. Jasmine explained to me that the treatment was traditionally done on the neck & shoulders, arms and hands, front and back of the legs, feet and then finally on the back and sides. I told her that all sounded perfect to me. She explained that she would work one body part at a time, only uncovering the part she was working on so I remained nice and toasty. Jasmine then performed a "sensory journey" which was basically just 20 seconds of taking relaxing breaths and sampling the scents she could use for aromatherapy and then we got started with my sixty minutes of bliss.

My salt scrub was like a relaxing massage, but surprisingly invigorating as well. First, she would massage a limb with the scrub. Then, she would deftly remove the scrub with a hot, steamed towel. Last, she would massage the area with massage cream. I may or may not have dozed of for a bit. Jasmine closed out her treatment by having me take deep, awakening breaths of the essential oil that I had chosen. She instructed me that I may have a little remaining salt left on my body, and that I could use the steamed towels in the towel warmer to remove it when I got up.

I got up feeling refreshed inside, but my skin showed the most refreshment. Talk about glowing! My skin was noticeably brighter and softer than when I had arrived. The scent of my scrub remained on my skin until I took a shower, which was a surprise. Overall, it was bliss. Pure bliss!

$20 is a huge savings! You can schedule your scrub by going to our online scheduling and looking for "Salt Or Sugar Scrub" in the category "body treatments". We have five massage therapists and aestheticians available for your convenience. Don't miss out on this June, 2016 special. We will see you soon!

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