Not Stupid Questions, Chapter 1

As the Front Desk Guru, I'm always getting come crazy questions about tanning and spa services. I love that our clients ask questions so we can spread our knowledge. The more you know, the more you grow!

Here are a couple of interesting questions I've been asked this week, in Chapter One of "Not Stupid Questions" with Christine.

"My belly is getting too dark when I tan. How can I even my tan out?" Cover your belly with a towel (we can give you a larger one or an extra one) for at least half of your session so the rest of you darkens and evens out. Do this for a couple sessions and you should be more even. You can also use a high SPF sunblock on the areas you do not want tanned during your session.

"My legs don't tan well in the Mystic HD (or a tanning bed). Help!" Make sure you are shaving right before you come in so your pores are open and your legs are exfoliated. Exfoliate them with something scrubby before you come in for a Mystic HD tan. Moisturize at least once daily after you tan and for a few days before, but NOT on the day you're Mystic HD tanning. If that doesn't get them dark enough, use one of the Mystic At Home sprays or lotions.

"Why do I feel I tan better if I switch between beds?" There is a different level of UVA vs UVB amount in the different beds. Each bed (unless they are exactly the same bed) has a completely different bulb! So when you mix it up, you are getting a different dimension to your tan.

"Can I tan while pregnant?" We do not exclude pregnant women from UV tanning, but you definitely should get approval from your doctor to tan. Usually doctors do not want you to heat up your body during pregnancy, so UV tanning isn't regularly recommended. UV rays cannot reach the baby or ANY internal organs except for your eyes.

Mystic tanning has no known adverse effects to pregnant women or their babies and has been used since the 80's. Get a Mystic HD tan instead!

"I'm really paranoid. Can I catch lice or any other diseases from a tanning bed?" You should be paranoid! Some places I've tanned at in the past have been downright dirty! That's why Blue Dove employees are so meticulous with our cleaning and sanitization. We use a hospital grade sanitizing solution on the tanning beds and eye wear we provide. It kills influenza, the common cold, HIV and all other contagious diseases. Lice cannot live on hard surfaces. We sanitize all hard surfaces and the vinyl pillow for 1-3 minutes to kill all diseases between uses and do not have any carpeting or soft surfaces in our rooms because they cannot be properly sanitized between clients. We follow the strictest level of sanitation possible at Blue Dove. Because we sanitize for 1-3 minutes and use hospital grade sanitizer instead of just "bed cleaner", you have next to ZERO chance of catching anything at Blue Dove. We never recommend that you tan in a place that requires you to wipe down your own bed OR the floor of a stand up tanning unit. You are likely not using a hospital grade sanitizer or letting the disinfectant sit long enough to actually kill bacteria or infectious diseases. Essentially, you're probably touching a surface full of bacteria and disease.

"I'm not going to use my eye goggles while tanning. You're ok with that, right?" * client gives me a 'wink' * No, I'm definitely not ok with that! You can burn the retinas in your eyes from as little as one tanning session. High Pressure beds and regular beds can melt your contacts to your eyes. You decrease your night vision each time you tan without approved eye wear. An estimated 1,957 indoor tanners land in U.S. emergency rooms yearly after burning their skin or eyes, fainting or suffering other injuries. Be safe! "Can I just get a neck massage?" Sure! Our massage therapists at both locations listen to your needs and will just massage your neck if that's all you need. Our sessions come in 60 minute, 90 minute or 2 hours time blocks. You tell us what your body needs and we listen to your requests. After you do one of the 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions, you are eligible to get a "touch up" 20 minute massage for only $19.99 to make sure your muscles stay loose and relaxed. Book online at Be safe and be informed. See you soon! Christine

Do you have a question that you want featured on "Not Stupid Questions"? Post below or send me an email at

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