70 Tanning Lotions

Seventy. Seventy is the number of different tanning lotion bottles we currently have on our shelves. If you add in the Hempz and other moisturizers that we carry, that number is close to one hundred. It's easy to see how you can get lost when choosing the best tanning lotion for you.

Let me break it down for you by the most common key words you will see on tanning lotion bottles. Accelerators/Maximizers/Intensifiers are all tanning lotions that have ingredients to help hydrate the skin and to keep you tan longer. Hydrated skin accepts more UV light resulting in less chance of burning and a better tan. They are all suitable for any level of sunless tanning. Most go on clear and contain no topical bronzers (self-tanners).

Bronzers, aka self-tanners, contain ingredients that give the skin an instant natural glow with or without the use of UV lights. Bronzers will enhance the appearance of a good base tan, expedite the development of a base tan and will help prolong the perfect tan. If you want an immediate, natural glow, then lotions containing bronzer are the way to go.

Tinglers use ingredients that increase circulation to the top layers of skin. This increased circulation results in a tingling sensation and has a warm reddening effect. This tingle lets you know the activity in the tanning cells has increased and will give you amazing results. There are different levels of tingle intensity, and with the wide variety of indoor tanning lotions available you can find one that is right for you. Tanning lotions with tingles should be used by people with a good base tan or advanced tanners.

Every tanning lotion will react differently with each person's unique skin. That's a great reason to try a tanning lotion packet or sample cup before purchasing an entire bottle. You have to love the results, the scent and the consistency - all of which vary between lotions. While you're wandering through the maze of over seventy products, ask one of our relaxation coordinators for their opinions on the lotions. We have used many of them, we hear from clients what is great about each lotion and we know which are our best sellers. We can't wait to help you glow!

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