Embrace your pale, hairy side. Or not.

The sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds - at least occasionally. It's the time of year in which we all look in the mirror and ask ourselves "Am I ready for summer?".

My answer to that is, "yes, yes you are"! I tell our clients that pale or tan, chunky or thin, waxed or Sasquatch, love yourself and screw society's norms! (That's also why we never require our staff to tan, like most places that offer tanning. We hire based on knowledge and skill - not how tan or picture perfect someone appears).

No matter how many times I tell our clients they are gorgeous, sometimes they want to change. And I'm guilty of that myself. I love the dark glow the Mystic HD gives my skin. I get gratification when my legs are smooth for weeks from waxing. I know what I personally like in my aesthetics routine and peels and I will never let anyone sway me otherwise. But I do that for myself, and no one else.

If you want a change, we can help with that.

Winter has caused us to store excess fat and toxins. As you detox this summer, try Racine's FIT© BodyWrap automated Infrared system (www.fitbodywrap.com) or an invigorating massage.

For an extra glow (which does cause our bodies to appear more trim) try the Mystic HD spray tan in light, medium or dark after your FIT session. Mystic HD is currently FREE for first time users to try! Also, check out www.valpak.com for a FIT Bodywrap coupon for first time users (search "Blue Dove").

Now is a great time to start growing out your hair for a waxing. Hair grows in cycles. Our Aesthetician Tiffany suggests that you have at least six weeks of hair growth before she waxes you. When you have six weeks of hair growth, the growing cycle is complete and you will be completely hair free for a much longer time than if you just waited 2-3 weeks. Waxing is very economical when you consider that you can put down your razor for up to 6-8 weeks after a waxing and that it exfoliates and refreshes your skin. Who couldn't use extra time or exfoliated skin?

Want to relax and refresh for an hour? Try the Dove Express Package. Priced at only $49, it includes an express facial and an express massage to give you a quick pick-me-up for summer.

So as you transition into summer, know that we are here to guide you in any way we can. Enjoy the sunshine, beautiful!

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